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You could be reading anything in the world, but you’re right here reading me!

ASK J*ASH started off as a funny tagline that I would say between friends. I’ve always been someone that people consult with so I would joke that I needed my own column. I mean I was partially joking. Because my friends also know that when I get an idea in my head that has a cute ring to it, I’m probably going to be coming to them with how I brought that joke to life.

At the same time my wheels were turning on that, I was also developing my success coaching and business consulting brand. I had been a full time freelance virtual assistant at this time for about 3 years, and I was looking to expand my service portfolio. So it just kind of happened that ASK J*ASH would eventually serve as the name for my consulting and coaching business.

With this blog, I wanted to share the business side along with showing why I was donned THE bestie in business by sharing my advice and personal opinions on a variety topics outside of business; such as: entertainment, work/life balance, style, household management!

I do have two other blogs, BESTIES IN BUSINESS and CANNASNOB. BESTIES IN BUSINESS is all about female creatives and entrepreneurs doing dope things. CANNASNOB is literally all about DOPE things! I’d like to call myself a cannaseur looking to become a cannaPRENEUR. I definitely plan to highlight that on both blogs!

So again I thank you for taking the time to stopping by! Come again soon!

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Is a serial mompreneur based in Baltimore, MD by way of Atlanta and Chicago. Jarilyn is passionate about all things lifestyle, business, cannabis and really so much more. While she is a true creative visionary, Jarilyn would like to be most regarded as a "forever student". Her overall passion for having general knowledge and understanding of an array of things has allowed her to be successful as a virtual assistant, coach, founder and so much more!

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