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Whether you have a deep love for something or you have a business or service you want to market further, making a blog is a fun way to make some extra money!

Now don’t let that be you’re only reason because if you are looking to blog to make money you have to have a true passion behind what you are basing your blog around. It takes a minute to see some coins. And that’s fine. But with us in and out of quarantine, we all have time if this is what we want to do, for real!

So you want to start a blog?!

I hope you envisioned the So You Think You Can Dance intro. Because when I say it I do lol!

I wrote this post for my fellow creatives that want so badly to create their own blog but for whatever reasons have gotten stumped in the process. While this post is a bit wordy ( most of my post tend to be that way sense I’m a bit wordy.. see ) But through the bit of fluff that in just embedded within me, I hope you find this post to helpful!


What’s your thing? What are you into? What are you always gabbing to your girlfriends about? What are issues that get you going? The lifestyle blogging niche is somewhat of a safety net for you to talk about whatever you want to talk about as it pertains to you or the target market of your brand or business. Let’s say you are a DJ but you are also a mom and wife. You can create a space that goes behind the scenes and that can appeal to more people and open up more money money opportunities for you!

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    Get your free copy of GET YOUR BLOG ON to help you cultivate your content for tour blog! I do suggest doing that before you go any further because this way as you proceed even with a Blog Biz & Style Plan, you have some quick notes to refer back to if you ever get bloggers’ block.

    Check out my list of niche ideas to consider. But also keep this in mind, You can write about multiple things under one blog as well. I like to say that Ask J*ASH is a lifestyle resource blog. I talk about motherhood, beauty, style, self care, housekeeping, business, entertainment, and whatever else is tickling me in the moment. You can do the same. This list is just to get those wheel turning just like this guide is to get your juice flowing!


    I personally have always bought my domains through Godaddy. They’ve seen all my money. Every idea. All of that! Typically they have some cool deals for different services that they provide. I was buying my hosting through them as well until I started using Squarespace!

    You can get your email, site protection and privacy, and your hosting with GoDaddy! Also you can list your domains up for sale as well! I remember one time I had this really dope blog name and although it was available it was for sale for $2100!! That could be you making that sale lol! I actually sold 1 domain for $324! That’s another side hustle idea! IJS!


    So this is the tea right here. Your home base.. I.E the platform you decide to use to build your blog is so important. Granted you can transfer your blog between platforms but when I tell you it can be a headache depending on the platform. It’s just best to do your research and see what works best with how you want your site to perform.

    I have used Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and Tumblr. All are great in their own way.

    My personal fave..

    Is WordPress. I love that is a self hosted site. Think renting vs buying. Granted when you rent you still receive the same amenities as if you were buying. But not completely right. When the owner of your home feels like selling or kicking you out, they can do so. Same concept goes with content management. When you are building your blog on a platform that isn’t self hosted, you do not own your content. You are at the will of the platform you’re on. If you blog about something that doesn’t go with their values they can kick you off their platform/ With little to no notice.


    See here’s where things get fun! Money talk! Affiliate marketing is when you promote a brands product and receive a commission from a completed sale. Some affiliated programs offer pay per click options that just look for the click rate and not fully completed sale which may be a lower commission but it’s good money as well. Some affiliate marketing programs don’t require you to promote their brand catalog at all. You just take a quiz or survey, watch a video or play a game and receive a commission off of your participation! Really good income and those first two scenarios, when set up right, have the potential to make remarkable amounts of passive income.
    Passive income being residual income you make with only having to create something one time!!

    So let’s say you are someone who’s blogging about their passion. Until you acquire brand partnerships and creating products (if that’s even something you want to do) you can be monetizing your blog from the get go! By joining an affiliates program, whether it’s for an affiliate marketing company that has a relationship with a bunch of businesses and you can apply to be in that specifics businesses brand or there are everyday brands and business that have easy to join affiliates programs. I use JustFab, Hulu, western Union Netspend Amazon Affiliates, survey , CJ Affiliates and Rakuten. If I use the product and I’m blogging my life away about it bet you and me I am making sure I am hooked up to their affiliates program. I’ve built a repair with my readers they trust me and see me using what I talk about so it’s just a no brained easy way to make money.

    If you are a creative business owner and the blog would be a means to promote and market your business to your target market, affiliate marketing is how you can make your blog work for you in more ways then one. If you are a consultant in any field (real estate, marketing, entertainment etc), you’re able to direct your especially curated community to your bread and butter, book clients right from your blog posts that may peak interest along with make money by sharing what you use to make your business work through affiliate marketing.


    Whether you are blogging for fun or for business, having an email list is going to take you to the next level. Emails are an intimate way to keep u with your readers. Way better than social media. These are the people that are into you and what you are producing enough to want to be one of the first people to know.


    I always say that the same effort that people put into their social media campaigns they should be putting into their email marketing strategy. I swear it is way more effective once. Your email marketing content can be extremely versatile. You can ask for participation on social media, you can drop your new product line with your brand cheerleaders, I mean it’s a gang of stuff you can do to get your blog rolling via email.

    And let’s say that you are into the idea of affiliate marketing. Another bonus of having an email list is now you have people that you can directly shoot your affiliate links to. This definitely increases your odds of making more passive coin. And as an aspiring entrepreneur, seasoned freelancer, side hustler or whatever… we love passive coins. I.E passive income!


    Cultivate your community using a blog and email list. Promote your services and your blog through Pinterest and LinkedIn! Shed the social angst of social media and position yourself in front of people who are really into what you got going on!! Put in all your social media efforts into that formula and I promise you you’ll see great results!

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    Is a serial mompreneur based in Baltimore, MD by way of Atlanta and Chicago. Jarilyn is passionate about all things lifestyle, business, cannabis and really so much more. While she is a true creative visionary, Jarilyn would like to be most regarded as a "forever student". Her overall passion for having general knowledge and understanding of an array of things has allowed her to be successful as a virtual assistant, coach, founder and so much more!

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