The Simple Things I Loved Most In August

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August was a doozy. I can’t even lie to y’all. This month has called for me to take a closer look at how I manage my household, my relationships and my personal self care.

I don’t know if it was the back to back strong shifts in the Universe. Yes, I believe strongly in how moon phases and star & planet alignment effects simple beings like me. And when I tell you it wasn’t Mercury that rocked me it was definitely Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto moving backwards that rocked me! SO it was soooo imperative that I connected with things that made me feel good and positive about ME. Not my family, personal relationship or client work. My main focus in August was getting my head back in the game so I can be the best at wearing all the hats that I wear. Mother. Girlfriend. Success Coach. Business Consultant. Best Friend. And so much more…

Here are the things that got me through this month.

My Therapist

Boy oh boy! I would’ve saved this one for last for dramatic effect, but in the event you skimmed past this point, I wanted you to catch this part first! I just got hooked up with a new therapist. Two years ago, I started wanting to nurture my mental health. My daughter had just started dialysis, and I was still battling with postpartum depression being that I had just had my twin boys 6 months prior. I had only gone through the initial assessment. My daughter’s dialysis catheter came out that same day during her treatment; that caused me to shut down and only really be alert to her. Over the past couple months, I’ve been feeling really low. Down on myself. Not really able to even focus on cultivating the brand I want for myself. I find peace in helping others, but as far as keeping myself together, I sweep it under the rug. But I couldn’t go on anymore not recognizing I needed help getting a breakthrough.

Alkaline Water

It may be a placebo effect, but I am obsessed with it. I have sworn off anything other than water, tea and an occasional smoothie! Alkaline water just hits different. Like you can feel it purifying you and raising your pH balance with every sip. Look I am here for it!

My Planet Fitness Gym Membership

OMG I am so in love with Planet Fitness. And not for anything other than the fact that it’s super accessible for me. I get to connect with the on site trainers. Participate in all these cool training classes. PLUS it’s 24 hours so I have been able to really get it in! I’m so motivated by the different people I see in there. Everyone working towards the same overall goal of being healthy. It’s contagious. I purchased the membership where I can go to other Planet Fitness gyms around the country and I can bring a friend! Once my daughter gets into school, my boyfriend and I will be going together a couple morning out the week. We are both looking to shed some weight and strengthen our bodies, so it will be cool to be able to do it together. 

My Library Card

OMG this may sound silly, I know, I know, but I am so thankful for having my card. I feel like I legit forgot how much I loved reading. I kept trying to force myself to fall into self help books and business books. But I love a good fiction novel. Urban fiction to be honest. Authors like Tracy McMillan, Omar Tyree, Connie Briscoe and Pearl Cleage. Just to name a few. It’s like reading my favorite reality tv show or rom com movie! I love it. I’ve been getting lost in this one book by Tracy McMillan. Multiple Listings. OMG It’s so good. And if you are a single mother dating in today’s world, I feel like you may really enjoy this one! I grabbed 3 other books that I’m excited to read. Initially I had this overzealous goal of reading a book a week, but realistically that’s not realistic! I want to build up my reading stamina but in a way it’s purely enjoyable.

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