The Best & Worst Part Of Working From Home

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When I started working from home full time it was a blessing. I’d always dreamed of making that move to working from home, whether it had been through a corporation or by me freelancing. When it finally happened, I NEEDED it to happen!

I was about 3 months pregnant with my twins; one day before work I noticed that I was spotting. Being that I already have a child with special care needs, I was extra extra careful with my twin pregnancy. I was a server at the time and I told my manager what was happening so he gave me my weekend off. Little did I know I would never be scheduled again. I couldn’t just harp on that, hell I knew it was only a matter of time that I was going to have to figure out another way to bring in money anyway. My boyfriend was very supportive, however I knew I needed to get my shit together and bring these coins in.

I’ve always been into blogging, and with that also brought on a lot of marketing and business development experience. I’ve always been good at connecting people’s dots and positioning them in front of the people that need them. The first person I pitched to was my mama! She’s a realtor with an incredible network. I knew that if she didn’t need me, she would help me find someone who did. Luckily enough for me she did need me! And I’ve been working with her ever since. I’ve also picked up a few clients along the way that I am beyond grateful for!

I’ll be celebrating my third year of entrepreneurship this May, and I feel like I have a good handle on the good, bad and the ugly!

The Best

Working from home can be a major blessing in so many ways! Whether you work for a corporation or you work for yourself, the benefits can be overwhelmingly dope.

  • Save on gas
  • Work in your PJs, or at least only have to get dressed from the waist up!
  • In the event you are working for yourself, you can set your own price.
  • Again, working for yourself, you set your own hours

The Worst

Last year I dealt with depression and I feel like part of it was due to me being a stay at home WORKING mom. It was incredible hard. I felt so alone. At that point in my journey, I really didn’t have the option to get back into the field. My daughter had just received a kidney transplant, and I couldn’t imagine not having been by her side the whole time!

So if anything that is my most major pitfall. But the beauty in that is that there are co working spaces that are better than most corporate offices!

I definitely recommend finding employment from home. Whether you are looking to work for yourself or not. If not, that may even be the easiest transition into that arena! Check your HR department. You never know what work from home opportunities are waiting for you!

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