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Power Up Consultation Call

90 minutes of complete brain storming and game planning. Need help getting out of a bind? Need help coming up with some creative ways to bring in more money to your brand? The POWER UP consultation may be exactly what you need!

Price: $100

Accountability Besties Program

This program is for the creative 9-5er or solopreneur who needs help strategically planning their big idea and staying on track with their goals. ABP is great for the creative who is ready to get take their dreams seriously! All they need is direction and someone to hold them accountable; they got it from there!!

Price: Starting at $150

Besties In Business Program

This hybrid program is for a start up or small creative business. This program includes everything a full time entrepreneur could need. Virtual assisting help, four 90 minute coaching and consulting calls, text and email support along with discounts on digital products & events.

Price: Starting at $650

I like to pull out the best in people.

My whole approach at coaching & consulting stems from my idea that everyone has the keys they need to succeed. They just have to get past all the self doubt and limiting beliefs that have probably been building since your childhood. So yes, I am pretty dope at strategic planning and digital marketing but I’m even doper at pulling out the best in people!

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