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Pinterest is one of the best, if not THE best, marketing tool and lucky enough for you, not everyone is hip to it! There are over 4 billion organic searches on Pinterest EVERY month! It costs less to create ads than it does on Facebook. And unlike Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is NOT a social network, it is a SEARCH ENGINE. Everything you upload to Pinterest is easily boosted through SEO and visual branding!

Now before you look any further, I recommend you try Pinterest out for a full week! Do my email course; see if you can figure this Pinterest thing out on your own!

Here are the different Pinterest marketing virtual assistant services I offer!

Pin Audit $125 

Level 1 

This is for the person that already has an existing Pinterest Business profile, but you haven’t yet gotten a knack for how to get Pinterest moving for you. You’ve gone through my FREE Pinterest course and however comprehensive it is, it would be easier if you had someone walk you through!

Kickstarter $275

 Level 2 

This is for the person that is ready to integrate Pinterest marketing into their business. You are excited with this new platform but have NO idea how to use the power of Pinterest to impact your business. You are currently running a small business and although a new form of digital marketing sounds amazing, you truly don’t have time to learn yet another concept ALONG with running your super dope business/blog/or brand!


Level 3 

This package is for someone looking to monetize their page directly. Whether that is by making their page shoppable or by integrating affiliate marketing into your business or brand plan! This plan is perfect for small business owner who wants to not only integrate Pinterest marketing into their business strategy but to use Pinterest as a platform to directly sell their products. This plan is also for bloggers and influencers looking to create another stream of income to monetize their brand.

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