Feeling Out The Vibe All July

July 1, 2019
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Man oh man. I can not believe it is July like WTH, right?!

In these past 6 months, I’ve hosted two brunches, started a new business venture, reconfigured my consulting business, bought a new car, took a couple road trips ( one with my best friend!!) and witnessed my best friend receive her law school degree. I mean it hasn’t all been sunshine and canna leaves, but overall it’s been a pretty tight.

In the next couple weeks, I’ve already got some pretty dope stuff lined up! I have my very first vending opportunity for CannaSnob the first weekend of July.

I’m really focused on building that cannaclusive lifestyle brand. So I’m hoping to get more vending and teaching opportunities with that moving forward. I’m goaling to do at least 6 vending opportunities before the end of the year. And look, I’ve already locked down numero uno. Hell you may say this is 2 being that one of my brunch I cheffed up my flower infused goodies!

The buck doesn’t stop there, I’ve decided to make Besties In Business a memberships group coaching site where I will go in depth on different topics monthly pertaining to business, marketing and branding. I’m going to allow members to promote their upcoming product and brand announcements, along with posting their business profiles. I currently have a early fall launch in mind. Sign up for the newsletter to see when I will be kicking it off!

Last but definitely not least, as I’ve been plotting and planning my other creative projects, I’ve been feeling out where to go with my blog that will satisfy blogging desires. Something that will appease the part of me that enjoys blogging without it feeling like a chore. Because blogging can become that. What I came up with is probably a no brainer but for me I had to say it out loud MYSELF for it to make sense!

Being that ASK J*ASH, LLC is my over head brand for everything I’ve got going, I thought to of course do my lifestyle content, but also incorporate reviews on the things I love and that I’m excited about. I don’t want to go too much into detail. I want to just go for it and show y’all. My loyal brand and blog followers know that I am good to switch sh*t up and share impulsively. I love y’all for sticking around as I find my way! I hope I inspire to not be afraid to go after whatever dream they have without feeling like it needs to be perfect off the jump! I want people to feel empowered to start with the bricks that they already have and build their dreams that way!

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