Drugstore Beauty Finds Of 2020

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Look at what we’ve got here. A comprehensive list of my favorite drugstore beauty finds because why TF not, right?! I live to be fresh faced on a budget! 

There is nothing like some good ole drugstore beauty finds. Well formulated makeup at a budget friendly price point. I’m a whole fan of that OKAY! I love running into the beauty supply store, Target, Walmart, Ulta, and living in the awesome finds! From masks, to scrubs, to BB creams and mascaras. I literally love it all! So of course I needed to share as well!


That is why I started this blog. To share the things I love that I know would help my 30 something girl on the go who is trying to live it up while balancing & saving it all! Whether you’re a mom of multiples, a boardroom boss or BOTH, I know you can benefit off a list of ways to keep your beauty regimen icey while saving coins. Even if you pair your Covergirl Face Milk with your MAC mineral blush ( my FAVES!). High low beauty is a thing, honey!

I can’t even lie, I really don’t own too many high end makeup products or beauty gadgets. I’m truly a drugstore girl till the day I D.I.E! So here goes it!

BTW- You can click the name and the picture to get to the products directly!

e.l.f Brushes

I have been using e.l.f brushes for years now. At least a cool 7 years. I love how cost efficient they are while still maintaining high quality! I am a whole a** fan!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stick

You literally cannot go wrong with this cocoa butter stick. I use it for my lips duh. But also in these cold dry months I use it in the creases of my nose. It works like magic. It should be called Dry Skin Be Gone. ;-p

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara

This super silky formula keeps my lash extensions looking so bomb. I love how pigmented but lightweight this mascara is! 

Nivea Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion

Before I found this lotion I swear I was the ashy woman alive. HA! Probably not but I definitely feel like a new b*tch with this lotion. I love all things silky and velvety; this lotion definitely falls under that category.

Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

Honestly I started using this just cause. I didn’t really get it but I really wanted in on the craze. When I first used mine, I felt so relaxed. The stone was cool to the touch. When I began to massage my face with it, I instantly started to feel a release of tension. I started to use it when I would have headaches and it would legit work. I use it when I do my sheet masks and after my at home facial regimen. Like I’m in love. Can you tell?? 

Exfoliating Loofah Body Scrubber

I love these! I wash then use the brush to exfoliate as I rinse off the soap.I’m no expert but it always leaves my skin feeling really soft. These exfoliate brushes are also really good for lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. 

Dr. Teal’s Pink Himalayan Bath Salt & Bubble Bath

Hands down. This is my most favorite bath salt/ bubble bath combination. I deal with aches and pains especially when I’m working out regularly. This does the trick! It eases my muscles and just overall relaxes me! Who couldn’t use that?

Covergirl Face Milk

I’m a BB Cream girl all day. I’m a fan of lightweight coverage that helps me smoothen my complexion while still letting my freckles show! This formula is PERFECT! Smooth and VEGAN! Wins all over the board.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

This doubles as my makeup remover and facial toner! This has been my go to for at least 4 years! Perfect for my dry skin. Doesn’t dry me out more! That’s always a solid bonus!

Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant

I can’t lie, switching from my regular deodorants to this one was an adjustment. I was a little sweaty for a while. And I also felt like I had to keep it on me to keep my scent right, HOWEVER I felt like this was a good health conscious look. And I am happy with my decision. Especially now I feel like my body has gotten used to it. I also use Tom’s!

Milani Blush

The G.O.A.T of drugstore blush! 300% the best out! I could gush about this all day but I’ll spare you. Just know if you are in the market for blush, this is all you need.

NYX Epic Eyeliner

I love this liner! Very precise brush and easy to use! You literally can wing that eyeliner for the GAWDS with this one. 

Biore Black Head Nose Strips

These OG nose strips are a must have for any and everyone! We all get flogged pores and this old faithful gets me right every single time! I keep this in my makeup kit!

NIVEA Nourishing In Shower Lotion

I had no idea how much I needed to add this to my shower routine until I did. Seriously this is a must have for everyone. It leaves my skin feeling so incredibly soft.I love it. My man loves it on me. It’s a complete win all the way around.

Morning Burst Facial Cleanser

This has been helping me get up for the past decade. This little baby right here is a mainstay in my morning skincare routine. I use this every morning without fail and I love it. The citrus tone gets my day off to a bright start!

This post was made possible through my affiliation with Amazon. These are most definitely my own thoughts though!

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