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I am so happy to be getting into the holiday gift giving season. It is one of my most favorite times of the year. I feel like people seeing outside themselves to gift someone they love something they will love is always a way to add some dopamine to your life. And who better to gift than a mama who has been busting her butt for her kids day in and day out!!

happy shopping.

The bold links are clickable. Feel free to shop. I do get a commission from what you purchase but I would never recommend something that I haven’t used, researched heavily and stand behind!!

Neck & Back Massager – We hold the weight of the world on our shoulders, of course we could use a portable back massager.

Foot Soaker & Massager – This is the best part of a pedicure, so why not give it to a mama so she can experience this type of relaxation.

Oil DIffuser – If you aren’t hip to oil diffusers yet, you are missing out. But that doesn’t mean your favorite mom has to. Oil diffusers are part air purifiers/humidifiers and air fresheners. If you are thinking of something for the mama who still has kids in diapers, I promise you she would love you for this!

Air Fryer – The best gift for a mom is something that will cut out time! And who doesn’t want to be able to make fried chicken in 20 minutes!

Bath Bombs – best way to upgrade your bath time! What mama wouldn’t love this? Easy and simple!

High Waist Leggings – Anything that can be worn around the house, running errands and around town is something any mom can appreciate.

Flannel Pajamas – Soft and cozy pajamas will always be a holiday gift giving staple! 

see anything you like yet?

Body Pillow – For the expecting mom on your list, this is PERFECT! Hell I’m not expecting and I would love this too!

Facial Roller – The cooling crystal feels amazing. It relieves tension and helps with blood circulation! All around a dope gift!

Pink Sweatshirt – Again anything cute and comfy is a go for your favorite mom friend!

Phone Cleaner – Did you know outside of money, your phone is one of the most dirtiest things like ever in this world. Give your favorite mama some peace of mind and get her this .

Slipper Slides – Oh these bad boys are so cute and a millennial mama like myself would LIVE for these!

Journal With Prompts – Great gift for the mom who needs help processing and unloading all the emotions they deal with on a day to day basis!

Electric Wine Opener – make the best part of your favorite mom’s day even better. Once she gets all those kids down what better than a glass a wine you didn’t have to work hard to pour! 

Makeup Brush Set – help your favorite mom feel her best self with some fresh makeup brushes!

Purse Inserts – Perfect for the mom who is always fumbling in their bag and can never find anything. 

Plush Robe – when all else fails, you can never go wrong with gifting a nice plush robe!

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