Life As A New Plant Mom

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There has been this crazy influx in plant mom-dum and I’m tf here for it.. OKAYYY! Here’s how my journey as a new plant has been and some things I’ve learned along the way…

My best friend, Tia, put me on to the plant life and it’s been a wrap ever since! I’m have a tendency to be a bit extra but honestly, that’s what plant mom life is all about. Which is one of the million reasons why I love it here!! Currently I only have 6 plants. I fight myself at least once a week to get one more. But we haven’t completely settled into our new home, which means my babies don’t all have their permanent spot yet. Plus I still need to get a planter for Shirley, that’s my corn plant lol! So until I get a new planter or couch, I have to chillax 😂. Which is perfectly fine because plant mom life with my my current 6 is pretty tight.

Meet my babies


Keke – my Cordyline. She is where it all began! I saw her and she instantly had my heart. I know so dramatic but for real! I was hype to finally have my first plant!

MoneyBagg Gro – my Money tree. My best friend got this for me as a housewarming gift in the same trip I got Keke!

Petunia – my Snake plant. I was pressed to name a plant Petunia. I love naming my plants and that morning I felt like our home was missing a Petunia.

Shirley – my corn plant! I bought this one with Petunia. I’ve always wanted a tall plant so when I saw Shirley I was hype.

And for some reason my grandma came to mind when I saw it so BOOM – that was that 😂

Penelope – my Peace Lilly. I was eyeing Peace Lillies one day. I walked away and came back like do I really want one. I did that a couple time. Then as I grabbed Rico I saw Penelope. It was a wrap after that. I call her my rescue plant because she wasn’t in the best condition when I got her but I’m so dedicated to her glow up!

Rico – my Lucky Bamboo. Lucky Bamboos are simple and easy but they can complete transform a space. So I thought why not. One of my good girlfriends and I would joke about guys name Rico. I don’t know why but it just felt so fitting lol!

I love taking care of my plant babies. I’ve gotten the kids into. I use a spray bottle to lightly water a couple of them when I’m bored. I put my money tree in the shower. When it rains, I take Penelope, Petunia, Shirley and Keke our of their planters and let them soak in the natural watering session! It’s truly peaceful.

Here are some more care tips.

Keep Your Plant Tags

When you guys your plants, they will come with a tag that gives some extra info on your plants, along with the care tips. All of your plants may not be the same watering or fertilizing schedule. May it easy for yourself and store them some place out of sight but easy to reference. I keep mine in the pantry.

Take Plants Out Of The Planter To Water Them

Your plants are in pots that you then put in decorative planters. The pots have drainage holes. This way your plant won’t be sitting on the water that is taped between the planter and pot. Some plants, like a money tree, will rot if they are sitting in still moisture like that!

Trim The Dead Weight

If you notice your plant has a browning leaf, just go on ahead and cut that thing off. Other was know as pruning, there’s no reason in keeping it. Don’t be discouraged. Take it as your plant outgrew it’s baby leaves and is growing up – someone pass me some tissue 😭😭

Find A Home For Your Plant

Plants, just like humans, thrive in healthy and stable homes. I know we get the interior design itch and our plants current placement may clash with your new idea. Hell, I get it. I’m about to move Penelope as soon as I publish this post. However, we can’t make it a thing. I only move them to water them. Prayerfully when our couch comes. It doesn’t disturb the placement of my babies. 😂 You want to be sure to find the right spot with the right amount of lighting. And just let your plant kick it there for a long while.

Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share with me?

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