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Meet J*Ash

Mother of Three. Freelance VA & Success Coach. Retired Hippie. Bestie In Business To Some Bad Ass Entrepreneurs. Creative Thinker. Crock-pot Connoisseur. Full Fledge CannaSnob.

I feel that everyone has the key to their version of success. They just to get out of their own way for real!

I have always known that I wanted to make a living doing the things that I love. I knew I couldn’t punch a clock just to say I was punching a clock.

Believe me I’ve tried.

Once I got pregnant with my twins, after already having a special care needs daughter, I was forced into a work from home lifestyle.

After celebrating my second year anniversary of being a freelance virtual assistant, I wanted to help other creative 9-5ers transition into creating their dream business that brought in full time income. So that’s when I created my personal brand, ASK J*ASH. I started with my lifestyle blog for female creatives and entrepreneurial spirits, BESTIES in BUSINESS,along with CannaSnob, my cannaclusive lifestyle brand!

I love connecting people with the people and resources they need to do their thing; both of these help me live that out. Besties In Business allows me to help creatives and entrepreneurial spirits tap into the things that align with their ideas of success & connect with the people that need them. CannaSnob allows me to educate people on cannabis and the awesome benefits for anyone that my favorite flower has to offer.

My Story

Creative hustling is what I use to call what I did. I had been side hustling since I was a wee one. I remember watering people plants for a couple dollars in elementary school and washing cars in the neighborhood for $15 in middle school. I also use to paint my home girls nails and then that graduated to me doing make up for girls during prom. I even got paid to do makeup for different photo shoots and fashion shows. I mean I have really always monetized my gifts and I have have always cheered my friends on to do the same!

My reputation became that of someone who was able to make money in any situation, so people would ask me about their brand’s and businesses. At the age of 18, I was asked to head the promotions and PR department of a very successful local Baltimore brand. My eye has always been on point on what was dope or how to make something doper. With over 12 years of retail, marketing, hospitality, and customer service experience, I feel that I am a major to any creative brand or business.

My Approach

I believe that everyone has the key to their own success. I feel that people need a boost shall you say. They need help digging past those limiting beliefs. And then once they get past that, they need a game plan and discipline that will be able to see it all to the finish line! That is why I am here! To serve those in need of figuring it out, staying on track and connecting to the people that need what they have to offer!

SO while I do help people develop strategic creative business and marketing strategies, I also identify with being success coach. I’m here on the sidelines throwing you plays and you are over their crushing those goals head on!


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CannaSnob is a lifestyle brand that caters to the millennial cannabis enthusiast. The face of cannabis is changing and CannaSnob is on the pulse of the lifestyle rituals happening due to the legalization of cannabis. From cooking with cannabis to encorporating it in your beauty routine., CannaSnob is on it!