8 Vitamins Every Woman Should Be Taking To Live Their Best Life

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“Health is wealth”, they say. And I couldn’t agree more.

Outside of eating well and exercising often, taking your daily supplements is a game changer! We do not receive all the necessary vitamins we need daily through our diet. So it is very important to take your vita cocktail everyday. 

Plus I am a firm believer that health and wellness is much different for women than it is for men. We as women need to take different things that will support areas of our health that men will never. 

Our metabolic systems need a little extra support from here on out. How dope is it to know that you can pop over to your local grocery store, Walmart, Target, or even just grab it while online shopping! I mean can living your best life get any easier!

Here are my top 8 vitamins I feel everyone woman should be taking:

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Women, ESPECIALLY black women, are at higher risks for heart disease. So we need something that aids in a healthy heart and Omega 3 does just that! Not to mention it helps easing PMS symptoms! Prior to me taking my fish oil pills regular, my cycles would be a bitch. Not only the cramps, but I’d be completely moody and miserable.. Okayyy! I literally just got off my cycle ( I know TMI but whatever, we’re bonding LMAO ) but yeah, I was so zen and my symptoms were much easier. I know there are a few supplements that can attribute to this, but I’m sure the Omega-3 is having a MEGA impact!!

Vitamin D3

Again going back to something us women suffer with a lot. Our hearts and, low key, our moods. Vitamin D3 aids these two in a major way. Along with also promoting healthy bone and brain growth and reducing chances of developing cancer. Which if you ask me is pretty f*cking boss in this day and age! Let me not forget how it helps regulate our mental health and who couldn’t use more assistance in that department. With it being the holiday season, and us balancing life, love and whatever else, anything to aid in feeling like our best selves is literally always going to be apart of our daily routines!


Now girllll! Sisssss! This one right here is life in a capsule okay! B12 is not only a great source of energy. I’m talking non jittery upbeat vibes. No coffee necessary. It also helps with regulating your metabolism. I.E if you are trying to drop some pounds, this needs to be apart of your vita cocktail! Plus this is another mood stabilizer! Look I know a few women who are battling anxiety and seasonal depression, myself included, and taking natural supplements in better than getting prescribed something that doesn’t make you feel like you let alone your best self!


This is another heart health one! It also eases PMS symptoms especially cramping. I started taking magnesium regularly because I have fibrocystic breasts. There are times where my girls can feel extra lumpy or even just hurt like a b*tch! Now that I am taking Magnesium regularly I have definitely seen a difference in how my breasts feel which I am beyond thankful for!


Iron is an incredible supplement! I mean just the name in itself sounds like some superhero sh*t! It helps with increasing your natural energy level! Also, it promotes healthier immune systems and nervous system function! Do you get extra cold easily? Iron will help get you together on that!

Biotin – Biotin is going to get you right EVERY SINGLE TIME! Found in prenatals, this supplement helps promote healthy hair, skin and nail growth. Who couldn’t use that ! 


Now look… if there is anyone who is going to get to the nitty gritty of maintaining some bomb snatch it will be me. I do NOT care. I want every woman living her best life and what better way to ensure you are going to have your best life other than making sure your kitty stays pur-ready! Cranberry is literally one of my favorite supplements. I take one everyday during my cycle and at least 3 times a week when I’m not. It helps with maintaining a healthy pH. Not to mention it specifically targets your urinary tract. My thought is why wait till your itching and scratching to address that area. Plus when you do feel discomfort down there for whatever reason, a cranberry supplement and a probiotic will get you right.. Fast!


Talk about saving the best for last. I live for my probiotic! I feel like with me taking birth control along with other medication and supplements, my probiotic creates a balance! Especially if I’m sick or need to take an antibiotic for one reason or another, taking a probiotic helps produce good bacteria that in turn promotes healthy vaginal health. Along with also promoting healthy digestive systems. I am definitely a fan of ALLL of that! Pretty much, if you are taking ANYTHING, you need to be taking a probiotic! 300 percent!


What vitamins do you take on the daily?

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