7 Medical Must Haves For Moms With Little Ones

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One thing about me I can’t stand seeing my babies sick. I know as a mother that is like the common thread that holds us together. We will do any and everything we can to keep our babies from getting ill. If and when they do bump their knees, run a fever or have a sniffle, we do what we can to knock it out. In the times we are in, the sooner we can aid our babies into feeling like their best selves again the better.

1. Claritin (Non Drowsy Allergy Medicine Containing Loratadine)

Allergy medicine is good for more than just your allergies!

Is your little one stuffy? That nasal drip winning? I learned with my oldest that non drowsy allergy meds containing Loratadine help dry out the nasal drip or runny nose. I remember my oldest getting a bad chest cold (she was a few months shy of 2) that I just tried to vapor rub away and her pediatrician put me on. It’s been my go to ever since. Even now and she’s 8 with twin 4 year old brothers that get the same treatment. Benadryl is good for immediate relief, but makes the little one really sleepy.

2. Nasal Spray

Man nothing like some cool mist to open your little one right up! This is useful AF!

3. Nebulizer

This is definitely not an automatic have. Luckily enough for us, my oldest has had one since she was small, but I found that for my boys, when they could really blow their nose or couldn’t stand the nasal spray, the nebulizer did the therapeutic trick! Of course when necessary they are prescribed something, however if your kid has a wet cough, throw some WARM water in a nebulizer to help them loosen that up and spit it TF out!

4. Stool Softener

Your kid might get back up. It happens. Miralax is often numero uno prescribed however Dulcolax is activated by water to soften stools. Making it a lot easier on your little ones bellies!

5. Pedialyte

This is a must have for the whole house. I like to say it’s bottled up Jesus tears. I mean it works instantly. It aids with all things gastro! Even as an adult I would recommend to reach for this before you reached for Gatorade or even just plain water.

6. Aquafor

Sometimes lotion and vaseline just aren’t enough. Aquafor is great for little ones with eczema and overall dry skin!

7. Antibiotic Ointment

Nothing helps heal a scrape faster than some antibiotic ointment! Bandaids aren’t worth a damn without this cream!

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