5 Things That Summer Walker Has Taught Us About Being Real With Ourselves

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Now let me preface this by fan girling on Summer the singer. I live for Summer. I don’t know if her real last name is Walker but I’ve joked like that’s my cousin… my last name is Walker b t dub.

I love her voice and the way she showcases her vocal range. I love how her subject matter is relevant and real. She’s definitely vulnerable which makes her relate-able.

Summer has been in the news a bit during her tour. Most recently, she’s been in the blogs about her not so great stage presence, being distant during her meet and greets, subsequently canceling her tour. From jump street, Summer has been very open about her struggles with social anxiety. I completely feel her on how debilitating that can be. I battle with anxiety as well. Anxiety along with depression. Ehhh.. it is not fun. So I completely understand how she just really can’t function under the pressures of being a celebrity.


Sister friend is a day late and a dollar short on the way she is handling her career moves, from a fans perspective.  Like I said, she has been very open with her struggles with anxiety, but she has made decisions that may have really hurt her career in the long run. I don’t put this all on her, she is an artist and doesn’t function without a team.

Her manager should’ve looked at past instances. She’s canceled tour dates and public engagements in the past. And in the event the goal was to actually see this tour through, there should’ve been some considerations I don’t feel existed. For starters, Summer shouldn’t have been doing shows in large club settings. Yes the check is probably super cute, but is it worth it when you will have to pay vendors and fans for money and time wasted. She should’ve been doing smaller venues while using larger platforms to make a major impact. Home girl could’ve just done a Netflix concert special. Made MORE money and probably would’ve had a better show as a whole.

Also, girlfriend should’ve really had some artist development training.

The things that she says and her poor stage presence, my GOD, who thought she was ready for a major tour. And again, if this was something that they say longevity in, that should’ve been the biggest concern. Her album came out in October and she’s been on tour ever since. She should’ve taken time to really prepare for this large of a tour. I don’t care if the album was done in the Spring and she took forever to drop her album so she could prepare for the tour. Sis should’ve done more small engagements that still had a heavy impact like pop ups, lounge/bar buy outs, I mean anything but a large venue tour straight out the gate.

And goodness, where is my girl’s therapist. If I were on her team, I would’ve hooked sis up with either an on call therapist or a traveling one. Weekly therapy appointments would’ve been apart of the tour prep.

but we’re here now so…

I am definitely happy that she asserted her boundaries. Just would’ve been better to do it before the tour was scheduled. I’m disappointed that she canceled the tour and that she’s being judge due to poor team decisions. It’s not all bad though.

Here are some really good lessons from this situation…
  1. BEING SELF AWARE IS CLUTCH – sis has been very open about her anxiety. She has not steered away from that.
  2. BOUNDARIES ARE NECESSARY – I love the fact that Summer asserted her boundaries. That’s dope. I wish it would’ve happen sooner, but at least she did it in the end.
  3. ALLOW YOUR TRUTH TO BE YOUR TRUTH AND BE OKAY WITH OTHERS NOT BEING OKAY WITH IT – Summer been said she hates touring and performing live. She’s probably always been vocal about not wanting a bunch of people in her space. If she were okay with her truth from jump street, there wouldn’t be any negative headlines on the matter. It just would’ve been what it was.
  4. TRUST YOURSELF NOW OR PAY FOR IT LATER – Girlfriend KNEW this wasn’t it. Talked about it from the time she announced the tour till when she canceled said tour. If home girl would’ve trusted herself, and just said no to touring, she wouldn’t be out of money. And you know people like to sue nowadays. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear about a venue, vendor or promoter initiating a lawsuit sometime down the road.
  5. THERAPY IS LIFE – The focus on mental health should be the same as that on physical health. If Summer had adequate mental health support, a lot of this would’ve been avoided. Therapy is a band-aid to life but it’s definitely comparable to Neosporin. We all could use therapy. If you are already aware of your mental road block, do yourself a favor and get a therapist! Even if you feel like you’re mentally sound, get you a dang therapist. Real freaking talk!
But whatever Over It is still one of the hottest albums of the year…

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