5 Reason Why You Should Take Your Family To See The New UGLY DOLLS Movie

April 25, 2019
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Finding a movie my whole family can watch is difficult. We are a action and adventure movies  household. Like anything superhero or bright singalongs will have my kiddos glued to the couch. And I can’t like, my boyfriend and I typically thoroughly enjoy the catchy sing songy vibe! Which is definitely one of the reasons we enjoyed Ugly Dolls.

It’s always fun being able to take our kids out and see how mature they can act for their young selves, I have a set of 2 year old identical twin boys and a beautiful 6 year old diva. This was actually the first time we took them to the movies, and they did pretty good. Like we will definitely be able to do this again!

#1 I feel like UGLY DOLLS is coming out right on time! Everyday, I hear about some kid being bullied into depression and worse. I hate to know that kids are going through that. I love how UGLY DOLLS breaks down the bullying into a fun and playful way for kids to be able to digest. However it still touches the fact that bullying is wrong and no one is perfect! Which leads me to reason number 2!

#2 I love how UGLY DOLLS included a lot of positive affirming moments, that viewers of all age could turn around and put into practical use. They even have a song featuring Janelle Monae #BlackGirlMagic , that talks about how there will always be someone trying to bring you down, but don’t let them, because you are beautifully perfect in your own way. I know those may not be the words verbatim, but that was definitely the vibe!

#3 The bright colors and musical numbers kept my kids quite entertained! I mean they were literally sitting upright with their eyes open wide, taking in all the cool moments!

#4 From a parental point of view, UGLY DOLLS was the perfect length. Just when I noticed my kids and other kids getting kind of restless, the movie was over and the credits were rolling! I didn’t fall asleep not once and THAT’S A BIG DEAL! Because ya girl falls asleep, OKAYYY!

#5 It was a great bonding moment for our family. Once we got in the car, we were able to ask our oldest some comprehensive questions on what the movie was about and if she’s ever had to combat a bully. Luckily enough for us, she says she hasn’t. Sister girl is a cool as they come Capricorn, so she’s unbothered by A LOT! However, at least now I know she will be able to advocate for herself in the event she does recognize she is being bullied!

All in all, my family gives UGLY DOLLS rave reviews and we definitely recommend this being your next family date night move! It comes out May 3rd but check out the trailer!

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