11 Goals You Should Set For Yourself To Finish The Year Out Strong

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Can you believe it’s September. Like Summer is about to be done in a snap and we will be staying warm a different kind of way. How do you feel the years been thus far? Do you feel like you’ve been doing the things you said you would, or has it been a little rough out here for you? You can tell me the truth.. I mean it’s just me! I’ve had a bit of a year. I won’t go through a whole song and dance but just know this post is for the both of us to stay on our p’s and q’s. Here are some goals that I feel will help us do that!

1. Master Your Mental Health

Honestly, nothing else that I say matters if your mind isn’t right. How can you be aligned with your version of success if you’re head is cloudy. And don’t be too proud to seek therapy. Just like you should have a primary care doctor, you need a therapist just as bad.

2.  Read At Least 3 Books Before The Year Is Out

That’s one book per month. Not too hard. Reading is how we exercise our brains. That muscle needs some loving too you know. And be honest with yourself about what you’re trying to read. I want so badly to get knee deep into one of these self help books, but I just don’t stay engaged long. I live for a good urban fiction novel. Like something by Tracy McMillan, Omar Tyree, Connie Briscoe, Pearl Cleage… you know those types of authors. I get lost in them. Like I can’t put it down. It’s gripping to me.

3. Make Loving On Yourself A Thing

And no I’m not talking about masterbating… well not JUST that at least (lol). I am a firm believer that when you love yourself the Universe will love you back. You ever notice when you’re feeling really good about yourself. Money’s flowing. You have a good handle on your day to day. It’s then when you can easily start cultivating this life of abundance. Like you know the saying.. “Let the good times keep rolling in”… that’s like the quintessential slogan celebrating laws of attraction. And if you are a fellow woman of color reading this, I am a firm believer that we have to do self care differently. Make it even more of a priority. So taking this up a notch is like killing two birds with one stone!

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    4. Show Gratitude Daily.. Especially For The Simple Things

    Again touching on this through the perspective that you accept the fact that the laws of attraction are a thing! Giving praise to everything, even… no, especially in the midst of a storm, will help the good times rolling back in. Showing love to all the blessings you receive will allow you to draw more good in. Being able to see the beauty in a pitfall will help you overcome that faster in a more healthier way. I don’t know who needs to hear that but the God in me knows someone at least needed that part!

    5. Be More Intentional About The Words You Say

    Especially the ones you say to yourself. You know the proverb..

    The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21

    The words we speak over ourselves are so strong. We can speak good health and good fortune over our lives. We can also speak harm and consequence over our lives too. I have to be so mindful of this myself because I can go off on an anxiety inducing self loathing trip. I have to catch myself  and how I communicate my feelings inwardly. And if I don’t find change my flight plan to a more self healing place… I just start to reroute my focus. Nothing heavy. Like I color or read or watch empty house tours on Youtube ( lol those are my FAVE!)

    6. Be One With Nature More

    Human being are suppose to be outside. Like we literally need vitamin D. The presence of it keeps us out of harms way for a lot of things.. Especially depression and other mental health issues. And if mastering our mental health is numero freakin uno, we need to do everything to preserve it! Walk the neighborhood, find a trail or park with a dope path around your neighborhood. Make it a thing to find new parks every week. There are so many ways to get out there and enjoy the elements! Pick which ever floats your boat. Ahh get it… outdoorsy joke

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    7. Make Good Money Moves

    Whether you are using a traditional bank, prepaid banking, or online only banking… I 300 percent recommend you to be using one of them to keep yourself accountable for your money. Cash is hard to maintain in my book. Also look at what you are paying for on a monthly basis that you can either, A) Do without! And B) What you could possibly paying more on to eliminate high monthly bills. For example I overpay major bills like my rent, utilities and car note. You never know when a time will come along that you don’t have extras and you may have other obligations hanging over your head. This is how you create a cushion by not killing yourself or being unrealistic.

    8. Eat Healthier

    Fall in love with healthier options. Be more mindful of what you’re putting into your body. Drink at least a gallon of water a day and two handfuls of greens! Try to cut the processed foods and lower, if not eliminate, your sugar intake. Bouncing between low carb and high carb days trick your body into burning more fat, so just be intentional to balance that out with healthy carbs. And dairy… me and dairy have a love hate relationship. I love cheese man. But lately I have been doing good with little to no dairy days. My whole house drinks almond or oat milk. Oat milk is still fatty. Good fats of course. And it’s actually really good.

    9. Be Okay With Letting Go Of The Things That No Longer Serve You

    So yes.. This is the part where you need to start 86ing people places and things. Taking them completely out of your mindframe. Like I know this is next level Jedi mind control training happening here but you have to be okay with letter things go that no longer serve you. People are comfortable with saying it as a dig, but keeping that same energy.. Ehhhh not so much.

    10. Spend Time On The Things That Fuel You

    Now this is the best part! Once you have taken away those things that no longer serve you, you’ll have more peace to spend time on the things that you love. The things that keep you going. Like this for me. Blogging. KeKe’ing with my readers, is my thing. I had to get rid of a couple things that were no longer serving me to be able to write this for y’all. We’ll talk about that part later. Just know it feels so good to have cleared the space necessary to get back to the things I love.

    11. Do A Social Media DetoxSocial media can be a bit much. Especially now where you can scroll your timeline and see a bunch of different things you didn’t subscribe to but because you liked something of someones who likes it, its now on your feed. Or if they hear a conversation .. cause y’all know they are literally on our lines. But that’s for another conversation. It is important to step away. Shred all the extra content you weren’t expecting to pick up. Reconnect with the things you love that are only reachable on a small device that somehow runs your whole life. And when I say your I mean mine (lol). But seriously, I’m here for a good unplug. Space to build healthy routines and boundaries.  Time to spend intentionally on things that fuel you
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